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Insurance policies transfer risk from the insured to the insurer. The insured pays a monthly premium, which the insurance company established based on the risk level of the matter and the likelihood of a claim. If and when a covered event occurs, the insured makes a claim and the insurance company pays the cost. Auto insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, life insurance and business insurance are common ways to transfer costs from one party to the other.

When an insurance contract works well, an insured makes a claim and the insurer pays it. However, insurance policies are often misunderstood resulting in insurance claims.  Therefore, insurance disputes commonly arise. When an insurance dispute surfaces, resolving that dispute requires the assistance of a legal professional.

Representing Insurance Companies and Insureds 

The attorneys at McKarski-Law have an in-depth understanding of insurance law, and can assist in any type of insurance dispute. Since our clients include both insurance companies and insured individuals throughout the Lehigh Valley region, we have the unique perspective of understanding insurance law disputes from both sides. Therefore, we can work to resolve cases in a way that is fair and just for all parties.

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Types of Insurance Law Matters Handled By McKarski-Law

Insurance policies may give rise to many different types of disputes. The Lehigh Valley attorneys at the Law Offices of Edward J. McKarski handle:

  • Disputes over insurance coverage. Coverage disputes may arise as a result of questions about whether an accident victim’s insurance policy covers his/her injuries. Disputes may also arise when an accident victim makes a claim against the insurance company of a third party or entity who caused the accident. When the dispute involves an insured and his/her own insurance company, the insured has a different set of options than in cases when an injured victim is making a claim against another person’s insurer.
  • Bad faith cases. If an insurance company denies a claim without a reasonable basis the insurance company maybe subjected to a bad faith lawsuit. The damages for a bad faith denial of a claim are outside the benifits due under the policy, which means that the compensation in bad faith cases may be significant.
  • Policy Termination. There are some situations in which an insurer is precluded from terminating an insurance policy. If an insurer wrongfully terminates a policy in violation of the law, this can give rise to an insurance law dispute.

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At the Law Offices of Edward J. McKarski, we know Pennsylvania insurance laws and regulations inside and out and we help parties reach mutually satisfying outcomes in insurance law cases. While settling disputes outside of court is often preferred, our attorneys are prepared to fight for the rights of our clients in court when necessary. For an evaluation of any insurance matter, contact the Law Offices of Edward McKarski today using our online form or call us at 610-866-0198.

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