Gross Negligence in Lehigh Valley Car Accident and Bethlehem Wrongful Death cases

May 7, 2020 Posted in Articles Tagged in Personal Injury

Whether it is a Lehigh Valley Car Accident, Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Slip and Fall, Trip and Fall and/or injury if an individual is asserting a claim against another that person may be found grossly negligent. Often times in Bethlehem Wrongful Death Cases and Bethlehem Auto Accident cases a claim may be made that the party the injured party is alleging is at fault was grossly negligent. This is something you may want to consult with a Bethlehem Car Accident Attorney about.

Gross Negligence is defined as an individual significantly departing from how a reasonable careful person would act under the circumstances. An individual can be negligent and grossly negligent at the same time. However, gross negligence is significantly worse than ordinary negligence. In order for something to be grossly negligent the conduct must be more than ordinary carelessness, inadvertence, laxity, or indifference.

If you were involved in a Bethlehem Car Accident, Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Auto Accident, Slip and Fall, and/or Trip and Fall and you have questions about whether you are liable for an Lehigh Valley injury or have questions regarding an Bethlehem injury please contact a Personal Injury Lawyers in Bethlehem, Pa. at The Law Offices of Edward J. McKarski for a free consolation.

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