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According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, 121,312 auto accidents occurred throughout the state in 2010. During that year, 1,324 people lost their lives and another 87,949 were injured in car accidents. This means that, on average, approximately 14 crashes occur every hour and four people are killed every day in accidents on the 121,000 miles of Pennsylvania roadways.

Auto accidents can cause serious injury to the people involved. Drivers, motorcycle riders, and pedestrians are often harmed or even killed in Pennsylvania car accidents. When an injury or death occurs, Pennsylvania law dictates how the victim or surviving family members can recover compensation for medical costs and other losses associated with the injury. Unfortunately, many people do not know their rights under the law or do not know how to enforce their rights and recover the compensation that they deserve.

At the Law Offices of Edward J. McKarski, our Bethlehem Car Accident Lawyers understand the complex laws related to Pennsylvania auto accidents. The Bethlehem Car Accident Attorneys handle both insurance defense cases when parties are disputing with their insurance companies and personal injury cases in which the injured victim of an auto accident seeks to collect damages incurred as a result of a car crash. To learn more about how the Bethlehem car injury lawyers can help, contact the Law Offices of Edward J. McKarski today by calling 610-866-0198 or using our online form.

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In the state of Pennsylvania, the laws related to car accident recovery are especially complex, which is why you should contact the Bethlehem Car Accident Lawyers today. Pennsylvania residents must choose between opting into a no fault system or purchasing full tort insurance. The no fault system, also called the limited tort system, may limit drivers from suing for certain types of damages if they are involved in an auto accident. While drivers who opt for limited tort coverage may be able to collect compensation for some of their losses – including medical bills and lost wages – this money will be limited to their policy limits and will come from their own insurance company.

The full tort system, on the other hand, allows someone injured in an auto accident to make a claim against the person who caused the accident. The injured victim, whether a pedestrian, driver, passenger, or motorcycle rider, will need to prove that the other driver was negligent (unreasonably careless). If the victim is killed, then his or her family will be able to make a claim for the deceased. Full tort recovery can be much broader than the compensation available under limited tort laws, and it is possible for an injured victim or surviving family members to recover money not only for medical bills and lost wages, but also for pain and suffering and emotional distress.

In many instances, the insurance company may dispute how much it owes a car accident victim. Most disputes can be resolved amicably through an out-of-court settlement. In a settlement, the injured auto accident victim forfeits the legal right to make a claim against any insurance company in exchange for compensation. If the dispute cannot be resolved, then a driver who has full tort coverage may file a claim and prove negligence and damages in court in order to establish a right to compensation.

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