Landowner’s Possible Liability to Injured Trespasser(s)

March 6, 2019 Posted in Articles Tagged in Personal Injury

If the landowner is arguing that the injured individual was a Trespasser, in Pennsylvania, the Civil Jury Charge 18.60 states evidence must show that that injured individual remained on the property of the landowner without  permission, right, lawful authority, express or implied invitation, or consent.  If such evidence exists, Civil Jury Charge 18.70 explains that only if the possessor of land knew or had reason to know of the injured individual trespasser’s presence, then the landowner has the duty to refrain from willful or reckless misconduct that would necessarily cause injury to said trespasser.   

In this scenario, willful misconduct has been defined as meaning that the actor (landowner) desired to bring about the result that followed or at least that he or she was aware that it was substantially certain to ensure. Dudley v. USX Corp., 606 A.2d 916 (Pa.Super.1992); Ott v. Unclaimed Freight Co., 577 A.2d 894 (Pa.Super.1990).

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