Right to Know

July 13, 2018 Posted in Articles

It’s Your Right to Know!

Not many people realize that under Pennsylvania Law you have the right to access and obtain any public record from Pennsylvania Commonwealth Agencies, Local Agencies, Legislative Agencies and Judicial Agencies. In 2008 it became a presumption that any record in the possession of these agencies is considered a public record.

This presumption does have its exceptions to what is considered a public record. It will not be considered a public record if: 1) the record is exempt under a particular statute; 2) the record is protected by a privilege; or 3) the record is exempt from disclosure under any other federal or state law or regulation or judicial order or decree. However, it is the governmental agencies burden to prove that the record request fits within one of these exceptions.

Some examples of records that can be in whole or in part considered a public record are:

  • Governmental contracts;
  • Governmental salaries;
  • PIAA Records;
  • Disbursement of funds by an agency;
  • Transcripts of public hearings; and
  • Result of public opinion surveys and polls.

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